MTB-6530L (Tuba)
Key: Eb
Finish: Gold lacquered
Material: Yellow brass
Style No: MAS-3200L
Pad & Spring: Standard
Auxiliary Keys: High F#

Since its introduction in 1954, Fender's Stratocaster® headstock has become one of the most recognized shapes in the world of electric guitars. Warmoth is officially

licensed by Fender to use this iconic shape on our Strat® replacement necks. Get the custom features you want, without sacrificing the look you want!

Nine Construction Types

This neck is available in nine different construction types, including Modern, Vintage, Vintage/Modern, Gibson® Scale Conversion, Baritone Scale Conversion,

and more. All constructions adhere to Fender's vintage/original USA Strat® neck heel specs.

Huge Range of Custom Options

The Warmoth Strat® Replacement neck boasts an unrivaled range of custom options not available on the original. Binding, scallops, exotic woods, nut widths, back

profiles, fretboard radii, and more, allow you to configure yours any way you want. Don't let an off-the-shelf neck hinder your playing any longer. Get a neck that

helps you play your best; one built for your hands, and your playing style.